Thursday, May 8, 2014

Facial Structure

Facial structure sets everything in motion, from the eyes to the mouth, as well as the ears and nose. It allows the artist to visually gauge where to draw the facial features to be proportional. It also looks better than two dots and a line as well!!!!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Failures fuel your success

      Success can be many things, but there is a general consensus to what it truly means, that a person has achieved something. I personally define success as when as an individual you have achieved something that makes a difference to you whether it be big or small. Sometimes the little  things can grow into something more powerful much like a ripple in a pond. It spreads outward to allow even more success into your life. 
Some areas where I have been successful in life include how far I have come academically. I'm not a 4.0 student, but a 3.9 GPA is pretty close to me. Many things helped me to be successful academically, but the most influential was the drive my parents had for me to be successful and my past teachers encouragement. Both my parents and teachers hope for my success gave me courage to achieve what I wanted for myself in the future.

Similarly to success there is a main idea of what failure is, which is a lack of success. I believe that failure isn't  a lack of success, but a way to gain and achieve success. It is just another stair a person has to climb to get to where they want to be and it's a learning experience to further help you wherever your path leads. An area where I have felt failure include the time I had received my first ACT score. I had received a low score of 18 and I was very upset at myself for not studying and taking into consideration of how important the ACT was. I thought I was prepared, but I learned how wrong I was. Even though I had gotten a bad score, I knew that if I just studied for the test, I could change the score into something better. It all worked out in the end because after all of the studying and drive from my past failure, I was able to raise my score to something I was happy I could achieve. Failure drove me to be successful.

Both success and failure motivate me to be who I want to be. Failures help teach you how to get back up and try again for better results which can then deliver success. Without either, I would just be stuck in the middle and learning nothing from past experiences whether they had failed or succeeded.Both play an equal part in my personal motivation.

In terms of my genius hour project, my goals remain the same. I still hope to be able to draw what a person truly looks like in a realistic way. I believe that this will help me grow by giving me something to work towards and to improve at. So far, my drawings I have attempted have come out looking closely to what a realistic image should look like. I've learned more about art techniques as well as shading by practicing every now and then. Practice does make perfect. Even though there have been some successes, getting the pictures to where they are now included failure as well. Several times I have had trouble getting the subject to look proportional and not look like some Frankenstein monster. Eyes have been lopsided, arms have been too long, and legs have been too short, but that's all part of the process. These failures help me grow and in fact learn more about drawing human figures. 

When the end of the time of the project comes, I will know whether I have achieved success or not by how I personally feel. If I feel that I have worked hard to accomplish my goal and feel satisfied, I will know that I have succeeded in what I wanted to.

Monday, March 10, 2014

The Eye

Lately I have been trying to focus on how to draw the human eye. You can't just draw an oval and put a circle in it and call it good. More detail is required if you want the "real look". To do this, you have to think of it exactly as our own human eyes. For example, you should add more detail to pupil and iris of the eye. If you are advanced, even reflect things within it. Another thing to complete the drawing is sto add eyelashes to both the top and bottom lid. Everything should be realistic.

Here are some examples:

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Lately I've been working on an art project that I have tried to mix with genius hour. I can't upload the progress so far on my art doodle because my scanner is not a nice piece of machinery but I will get it up sometime. Looks good though..yep

Monday, February 10, 2014


Despite the short time period I've spent as co-contributor here, I feel like I have made a bit of progress at being able to draw above a third grade level. As I've mentioned before (I think?) I don't have a Taylor Level of art skill, and my creation of art is generally limited to drawing on statistics homework with the occasional spark of inspiration. However, since beginning this, my irresponsible homework doodling has taken on a new level of skill. The days of stick people is over, and now I can procrastinate more efficiently by a creating a Michelangelo Status Masterpiece (well, maybe not that good, but it's certainly not a stick person.) 

(Also, as a means of making mine and Taylor's posts distinct from each other, you no longer have to scroll down and look for a name, you can just see the different fonts. Taylor will be using whatever the default is, and I'll be using Trebuchet, which I believe is not recognized for it's true potential.)

Monday, February 3, 2014

Why Draw? (2.0)

As a new contributor for this blog, I figured I would follow in Taylor's footsteps and jot down a deep and meaningful reason as to why I'm here. Unlike Taylor, however, I have no deep and meaningful reason, nor am I helping any future career prospect through doing this. Simply put, I'm pretty sub-par at drawing, and I'm doing this just to learn how to, and it will in no way have the long term benefits for me that it will for my blonde counterpart. I do like drawing, and isn't doing something you enjoy meaning enough to do it? (Taylor supplies the talent on here, I supply cynicism and philosophical nuances.) (Also links to things and printer/scanner access to the talent.)

On Track

Having been in art this trimester, both this project and that class have aligned perfectly to implement each other. We are creating as well as shading realistic people and still life statues. This willgive me more experience in what I want to accomplish with this project.

Everything will come together in the end. I trust my artistic skills and I believe this will help me in the future for I intend to major in graphic design. It's always good to broaden your horizons!!